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Prize list for 2002

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Weekly Prizes

Each week I will give out a pack of racing cards
to the player with the most points for that weeks race.

In the event of a tie for most points, I will give each player
that is tied a pack of cards.

(The cards for this season will be 1992 MAXX. These include Davey Allison,
Alan Kulwicki and a BGN rookie driver named Jeff Gordon.)

Season End Prizes

Prizes will go to the top 3 finishers of the year
I will have 6 1/64th scale diecasts in all.
2 specialty (either paint scheme or packaging) and 4 regular cars.

The 1st place winner will get their choice of 1 specialty car and
2 regular cars and also a few packs of cards.

2nd place will receive the other specialty car and their
choice of the remaining regular cars. Also a few packs of cards.

3rd place will recieve the remaining regular car and a few packs of cards.

(As of now {12-28-01} I do not have any cars in hand. I will post them as I get them)