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Enter a TEAM Name,YOUR Name and E-Mail Address (Please enter your E-Mail address so i can contact you with reminders and results)

Choose the 5 drivers that will make up your team.
Then choose a driver for each bonus pick. Who you think will win the pole, lead the most laps, how many cars will be on the lead lap at races end and who will finish in 43rd (Last) place.
When you are sure of your picks, click on the submit button.

You do not have to submit entries each week if you do not want to.
If I do not receive an entry from you for the next race I will use the picks you had from the previous race.

If you would like to use the same picks all year just e-mail me and let me know, that is not a problem for me.
If you would like to quit the game then please e-mail me and I will stop giving you a score each week.

All entries will be accepted up until 30 MINUTES BEFORE qualifying for that weeks race.
I will post weekly results on the Weekly Results Page.

Earning Points

Regular Points: Each driver on your team will earn the same amount of points he recieves from NASCAR, including NASCARS 5 extra for lead-a-lap and most laps led.
Example: If you pick Dale Jarrett to win but he finishes 12th, you will recieve the points NASCAR gives him. The position you pick is for Bonus Points ONLY.

Bonus Points: You will recieve 20 bonus points for correctly picking each of the following:
Race Winner
Second Place
Third Place
Fourth Place
Fifth Place
Pole Winner
Most Lap Led
43rd (Last) Place
Cars on Lead Lap

If you correctly pick the top 5 finishers in ORDER you will receive an EXTRA 100 point bonus on top of the 100 you earned for each position.

Good Luck Everyone!